First things first

  1. Decide on your server domain name
  2. Decide on your server pricing plan
  3. Subscribe today and let’s get going!

Deciding on your domain name

All subscriptions include a free subdomain on our domain name, or the option to bring your own domain name at no extra charge.

We’ll ask you what you’d prefer to do once you start the subscription. We’ve also got guides on configuring an existing domain name if that’s your choice.

Deciding on your server pricing plan

We offer a few flexible subscription prices for different sized servers, including a plan for single-user servers.

It’s fine to start small - this can always be changed later if your server needs grow, or if you feel like you want to downgrade.

If you’re moving from a shared server to a single-user server, check out our account migration guide.

Start your subscription

Start the subscription by selecting the plan you’d like on the server pricing page - all payments are secured by Stripe and you can manage your payment details with them at any time.

You’ll be asked for an email address during payment; we’ll contact you on that email address once the payment is confirmed to ask about your domain name choices.

You can reach out to us at any point if you have questions - and if for any reason, you change your mind after subscribing, we can fix that for you too.