Customize your social media presence

A custom domain name is a great way to claim your identity online - and mastodon usernames work just like email addresses.

Whether you want to be [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected], you can show who you are, who you work for, or what you’re into. Your only limit is finding the right domain name.

Bring your own domain

Although we don’t register domain names for you, we give you all of the info you need to point a domain you have registered to your server. A few minutes is all it takes.

What’s more, you can continue to use that domain name for email, a blog, website, online store, or redirects.

Common domain name choices

The important thing to note is that once set, a mastodon server cannot change domain name. That would break the names of the users and other mastodon servers wouldn’t know where to find them.

The good news is there’s a lot of flexibility in choosing how to use a domain name with your mastodon server.

The two main options are:

Domain is just for mastodon (domain root)

If the mastodon server is the only thing you want to host (you’re not also hosting a website or blog, etc) your mastodon server can run at This is called the domain ‘root’. The users will be [email protected].

If you want to use the domain for email too, that’s no problem. Setting up a mastodon server this way does not affect email functionality.

Domain also has a site (subdomain)

If the domain already has, or you plan for it to have, a website or blog or something else people will see in a browser, the mastodon server can run at In this case, the word ‘social’ is a subdomain. You can use any word here, as long as it’s not hosting something else for your domain.

Even with a subdomain mastodon server running at, the users can still be set at the root - [email protected] or [email protected].

Full step-by-step guides are in our support pages if you need any help.