Signing up for is free for everyone! This page covers the costs if you’d like us to manage a mastodon server for you.

To keep our pricing fair, we try to charge based on your usage. We have a range of different server plans to suit most people.

You can find the current price of our server plans on our server pricing page.

There are a few costs we add up to create our pricing:

  • Space usage - the database and media storage costs associated with your server (you can see these any time in the admin dashboard)
  • Servers - larger, busier servers require more computing power
  • Media egress - the cost of your server sending data out to the internet (when people view attached photos, for example)

Included by default

We don’t charge extra for the following, as it’s included in every plan:

  • ElasticSearch - this allows you to search through posts, users and servers more conveniently (other hosts often charge separately for this)
  • Updates and security - we automatically upgrade your server to the latest version and manage security updates
  • Email sending - our no-reply email service automatically manages user emails for you (sign up verification, notifications, etc)
  • Custom domains - we provide free subdomains and also provide support for you bringing your own domain name

Fair usage

In most cases these numbers will be covered within the package that you choose. However, if you often go above what we expect for a server of that size, we can help you work out why, move you to a larger server, or add additional usage based costs to your current server.